Are you actively building a List!

Are you actively building a List ?

I hear you say… YES!

List building

That’s great, but are you aware of your legal requirements of what you can and what you can’t do?

Let me share you a story to paint the picture.

I was at a recent Small business expo in Perth organised by Nifnex.

I was there to network and support the local small business community and have some FUN!

I spoke to a lot of people and did a few business card swaps.


I popped a few cards in a few competitions….. as you do. 😊

I’ve very deliberate and specific who I exchange and give my business cards to and always check if they are competitions the terms of the competition.

I never leave my details or cards where they will put me on a sales list or similar.

You getting the drift…..

To my surprise I got a newsletter and offer from a business.

The person we exchanged cards was regarding a different interest nothing relating to his business at the expo.

                                      You think I was happy?

Let me ask you this question – Do you think that was legal?

The Answer is “NO“!

See businesses and professionals don’t even know the laws and requirements.

Even more detrimental to their bottom line they don’t know or are unaware of the financial liability (fines) they are exposed to or their employer is liable and these are not small Dollar Values!

All the requirements are SPELLED out in the Australian consumer law and spam Act 2003, the government doesn’t leave anything out or for guess work.

Here is the links to the two Act you need to know and understand.

Know the Law



I don’t say this lightly but this type of ignorance and action just Peeees me OFF……. Big Time!!!

We are all bound by the same rules and guidelines and yet people break the law which puts business owners that follow the law on the back foot.

This is the main reason I teach these topic at one of our Biz Chat Cafe events because business owners need to know there responsibilities.

So read and understand how, what and why the list.

Happy list building and may your efforts reward you.

The Bullring Academy Team

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