Bullring Academy


The Bullring Business Academy Network is a community of dynamic, success-focused business people whose members know that succeeding in business is about working on your business, not in it.

The Bullring Academy is about building entrepreneurial capacity and business success through connection, collaboration and mentoring.

Business Bull

Become a Business Bull

Many business owners fall into the trap of thinking that it is technical understanding and operational know-how they need to succeed. Success in business is crucially dependent upon, knowing what, why, how when and who to leverage. Through professional mentoring, weekly networking events, monthly mentor presentations, free weekly coaching, and access to online forums and e-learning opportunities, the Bullring Academy equips members to maintain a professional, business-focused perspective, where they can take action, be strategic, develop effective business partnerships, and leverage for maximum success.

Most business people would agree that it’s not what you know but who you know that counts. But for growing businesses, getting your leg in the door at the right level can be almost impossible unless you agree to give away most of your business through equity stakes. The Bullring has made this “haves and have-nots mentality” a thing of the past, by bringing together high calibre business leaders who are interested in paying it forward and seeing growing businesses succeed.

Unlike most business networks which focus on generic training and purposeless networking, resulting in no increase in customer-base and no change to the income statement, the Bullring offers effective collaborative working relationships to create good market economy.

Business breeds business. Through exposure to effective business leaders and models of business success, the Bullring Academy will help you take your business to the next level.

To be a business community that offers so much value, members say you’d be crazy not to part of it.

Giving all our members the opportunity to really succeed in business by providing access to real business minds, real mentoring, real partnerships and outstanding value.

The Bullring Academy Network provides a unique business advantage through enabling further learning, leverage and joint venture partnerships to support the develop of your business. The business networking process is speed up because all the members are ‘Bullring Ready’ in that they have all been through the Introductory Intensive Incubator Program and all have the opportunity to be mentored in the etiquette and protocols of networking effectively in established business circles.

Mentee Engagement and Vetting

Our process starts with an introduction to the Bullring network, via referral from one of our clients or sales team.

Scheduling of a single-time, free, no obligation 45 min discussion with one of our business mentors. Where your Bullring Mentor will assess your suitability for the program.

Off the back end of this ‘you check us out we check you out’ meeting approximately 80% of delegates are offered a place in an upcoming Bullring Introductory Intensive Incubator Program.