Professional Membership

Professional Member

Professional Membership

Professional Membership Requirements

 Admission is available to business professionals subject to application approval by the board or invitation by the board.

  • Completed bullring intensive incubator program
  • Maintain current membership fees
  • Experienced with at least 10 years’ full-time work in commercial enterprise that has turned over +$1.5 m pa in revenue, including at least two years as:
  • A director or alternate director of a company
  • A senior executive with managerial responsibilities
  • A partner or sole proprietor of a professional practice or unincorporated business
  • A member of local boards of advice of companies
  • Academic personnel at the level of, or equivalent to, professor
  • Senior person with professional qualifications employed by a body corporate

To be eligible to renew their membership into the class of professional membership an existing member must fulfill the annual mandatory professional development requirements.

* Voting rights for who sits on board.