Biz Chat Café – Life is Beautiful!

Are YOU ready to take your BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL?

A brilliant opportunity to network with like minded business people, all driven for success by professionally trained mentors. Nathan Williams (Director) Boutique Investors Group

Grab the opportunity to hear about the ‘how to’ of integrating cutting edge business innovation and business strategy into your business. These insights enable business owners to transform business strategy into business output.

‘Life is beautiful’

‘Life is beautiful’

Catch up for one hour with the Bullring Academy Network and enjoy a Café Au Lait. The Biz Chat Café is about assisting you to make your business life ‘La vita è bella’ meaning ‘life is beautiful’.  It provides a unique opportunity to combine business and fun.

The FREE one hour lecture/workshops with Bullring Academy Mentors and Members provide a significant opportunity for you to expand your business network and have fun learning the something useful from commercially proven business experts.

The Biz Chat Café is a great way to add value, to your business, the businesses of your businesses colleagues, clients, customers, prospects, friends, competitors and other stakeholders.

  • Each Biz Chat Café covers a different area of business. The objective is to support bullring academy members, business incubator graduates and members of the business community to develop a broad understanding of the links between their business strategy, their operational strategies and their business objectives/outputs.
  • All Biz Chat Café presenters are seasoned commercial business veterans or industry specific experts.
  • All Biz Chat Café attendees are provided via email with a topic specific white paper which is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex business issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Attendance Requirements

Events are run fortnightly and are open to all members of the business community.

  • Members of the business community may attend one Biz Chat Café per six months.
  • Bullring academy members may attend all Biz Chat Café events. (Chaperoning a new guest is encouraged)
  • Bullring business incubator graduates may attend all Biz Chat Café events. (Chaperoning a new guest at each event you attend is the cost of entry)

Ethos of the Biz Chat Café

The Biz Chat Café is about providing and environment where academy members and their guests are immersed in a ‘La vita è bella’, meaning ‘life is beautiful’ business focused experience. Academy members,  guests, presenters, facilitators, mentors and attendees are invited to leave their ego at the door.

Feel free to visit our dedicated Biz Chat Cafe site.

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