Terms and Conditions

Terms of Engagement

Confirmation of your expression of interest is confirmed at the conclusion of the preliminary discussion with your Bullring mentors, which involves a $50.00 booking fee for the Bullring Incubator Introductory Program. You will be contacted within 48 hours by a member of staff to transact your payment.  Which can be via Credit Card, Cash or Electronic Funds Transfer. All purchases come with the Bullring guarantee; that if you are not satisfied that the Bullring is for you after your first attendance then we are happy to return your programme fee minus a 10% administration fee.

Bullring Directory Center

Supporting the greater Community by Bullring Link exchange Program

We are building a community of business owners who want to promote their businesses and build the bigger business community to help build the bigger PIE for everyone associated with the Bullring Community.

To be accepted on the Bullring Directory you must.
  1. Fill in the Add business listing page.
  2. You will get an email with instructions how to add our logo and URL (www.bullringacademy.com.au) &   Bullring Mentor  to your site.
  3. We will verify your site of the link exchange.
  4. You will be notified when your Directory Listing has been successful.
  5. When accepted you must prove that you have uploaded our logo and link to your site


The Bullring Academy, our business mentors and business advisers; do not and will not give Financial, Legal or Accounting advice. All discussions and/or any feedback, recommendation are based on what has been provided by you and/or others that have taken part with these programs. Our best practice recommendation are that you should always seek professional opinion from your Registered Lawyer, Certified Practicing Accountant and Licensed Financial Professional and relevant governmental bodies such as Australian Securities and Investment  Commission, Department of Commerce etc.