REIWA Consultancy Selling

Consultancy Selling (4 Points – Professional Development Points)

In this tight and uncertain financial climate a professional sales person knows he has to adapt and learn new mythologies and techniques to be able to survive and grow in the lean times.

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Course overview

There is no shortage of diagrams, methodologies, or experts with opinions on how to sell. However, aligning your sales technique to a buyer’s needs has been proven with dramatic results. Giving prospects what they want, reduces friction, making them happy to buy from you and refer people to you.

This new half-day session will show you how to be successful at consultative selling. Explore the key elements of effective listening and effective questioning, with the express objective of placing consumer needs, wants, requirements and rights at the centre of the real-estate sale process.

Course content

  • customer requirements and continuity of communication through the sales cycle
  • traditional vendor selling, relationship selling and consultative selling
  • matching buyers’ needs with sellers’ solutions – how to structure a consultative selling methodology
  • understanding style of questioning involved in consultative selling
  • achieving absolute customer satisfactionBook Now at REIWA Training

CPD points

Accrues 4 Elective CPD points

Approval Code: REIWA 554

Additional Notes:

This Unit can be adapted to any industry or organisation and the Department of Commerce points can be used to their Professional development program.