Bullring Feedback and Testimonials

Bullring Feedback and Testimonials

Business Success Stories.

What others have said about our mentors and advisers

What I thought this type of workshop should be like. Totally makes sense. Thank you.

Very informative. I now have a clearer understanding of where I’m going from here in my business. Money well spent. Top recommendation from me J VALUE VALUE VALUE

I can’t put a dollar value on the information I received in this workshop. I don’t have to go searching through a portal wasting time looking for information. I have clearer direction of where my business is heading and the amount of money I’m going to receive far out ways the money spent. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Tania Laubscher

Would like to learn more about steps to put in place to get biz up and running. Finance options and more one on one while in group to discuss steps forward and examples with brainstormed shared sessions so each person can help the others with ideas or turning the lights on or filling some gaps.

I have really enjoyed the meeting in a group situation where ideas are shared and the support network is in place. I am hungry for more!!

I also feel that a lot of the info shared I already know from other seminars/workshops I have done, so it was easy for me to relate to the information. I feel each member of the group is a valuable future resource for the other group members.

I would like to go to the next step.

Diana Tarrant

On technology – how to use it to your advantage. How to set up your books.

These guys have a lot of experience between them and are very willing to share with you what you require to generate more for your business.

Bernice Smith

Learnt a lot. Was great to go back to the beginning and learn the basics. More on process and procedure assumptive close!

Learnt more about my business in these two days than I have in the three years I’ve been doing it. Very insightful. Made very easy to understand. Very helpful in growing my business.

Smith Diana – Ezzy Feet

I’ve seen a 2k increased in my income per month.

Brian Brown – Health Industry

The more I pushed my self out of my comfort zone the more I learnt and the more I felt safe.

Bhavna Hari – Project Management Outsourcing

I feel overwhelmed by the generosity of this learning the people involved are truly inspirational.

Sue Liberd – Vocational Education Training Industry

I went to this to address what I saw as my shortcomings in my skillset for becoming an effective manager of people. I have gained a lot of confidence, and I don’t feel like “me but more confident”, rather I have the confidence for me to be me! I feel more like me than I ever have, I’m more optimistic, and my ability to manage both my self and others has improved remarkably. It’s best seen in how I now deal with challenges. I find that I can more easily change my perspective on things, to finding effective solutions every day personal, professional and management issues happen much more quickly for me.

Simon Tagg – IT Industry

This has been really useful to me. It’s helped me to language my stuff a whole lot better, so I can explain what I’m doing more easily. It’s helped me to speed the process up, so I can get the bullshit out of the road and get to the nitty gritty really quickly… I am incorporating a lot of the little techniques…in with my work. When people ring, I can develop really quick rapport and find out the intention behind the question. I get to the core really quickly.  So it gets people in, and I can also filter out clients I want to work with and those I don’t. I am now running a new programme…without this stuff I wouldn’t have gone ahead and done it. I’d been thinking about it for years, but I didn’t know how to do it. The feedback is that people are really happy with the programme. I spent $5000 learning about this stuff and I got it back in the first day’s work – seriously that’s not a joke I really did!

Greg Horgan – Health Industry

Theory over practice; practice over theory that’s these guys, men of experience with the capacity to turn theory on its head and then some. I’m in the initial start up phase of my business and like most people didn’t have a clue where to start. Sure I’ve done business and I’ve studied business but I haven’t ever been the business. I’ve met with John a few times over the past year and he’s helped bring perspective  on my future business goals. “If you truly want to be an entrepreneur then you must create value that leaves a legacy long after you’ve moved on”. “You must know your clients and your clients client. You must mange risk and limit your liability, you must create”. I knew that just being self-employed or entering a partnership wouldn’t cut it. My ideas and products needed to be scalable, have demand and I needed to know how to compete and distinguish myself from the rest. I needed to set up as a company. There’s much to do and no doubt with a little more mentoring I’ll be on my way, stakeholders in tow to a flourishing business in consultancy. Thanks guys I could have read a book but the few hours I spent with you distilled 100s of hours of theory into practical sound advice.

Andrea Dearden – IT Security Industry

It was super, this taught me a lot and helped me to be more aware of how to be more successful in all group situations.

Kristina Lynn – Film Industry

‘The best decision I ever made was to take the opportunity these guys offered me. Every time I attend, I learn, the more risks I take, the more I learn. I’ve learnt how to deal with anything life throws at me effectively! One guarantee in life is change, now I know how to use all change to my advantage by making the most of every relationship I have and will have in the future. This stuff is outside the box but in being so gives amazing results in every area of life. I feel exhausted, have very close connections with those on the course and have huge respect for all participants. This is helping me balance my life and enabling me to be more fulfilled than any other single thing in my adult life.

Katy Jones – Finance Industry

Doing this with these guys has been the most significant thing I have done in my adult life. It has Profoundly changed my personal and my professional life. The skills and techniques I’ve learned have helped improve the quality of my management and of my business consultations more than any other single factor over the past ten years. Nothing that I previously knew could have prepared me for the impact of this. You have to do it in order to comprehend fully just how powerfully useful this stuff is.

Stuart Ullathorne – Commerce Management